Why We Choose to Homeschool – Part 2

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This is Part 2 of Why We Choose to Homeschool. Click here to check out Part 1 previously posted.

6. Individualized Pace-

Homeschoolers have the freedom to learn at their own pace.  As you’ve probably discovered in your own family, children mature and grow at different rates. So, we shouldn’t expect or push them to learn at the same rate. Teaching them at home allows us to move faster in a subject when something comes easy for them and slow down when extra practice is needed. Advancing will keep them challenged and prevent boredom. Camping out on the lesson will ease frustration and assure that they understand a concept before moving on. In a traditional school, it’s easy for children to have gaps in their learning because they are forced to move on for the benefit of the class, even though the concept was never grasped.

7. Exposure to Wisdom-

In homeschooling, the parent and siblings are the main influence on the student. On the other hand, in a traditional school, a child spends more hours daily with other children than they are with their parents. There is one adult teacher for twenty-five to thirty-five students who are all in the process of learning right from wrong. Kids mature slowly over time, they’re foolish and the reality is that the people we spend most of our time with become our teachers. This is especially true in the formative years when children find themselves in new and unfamiliar situations. When they don’t know what to do, they look around them and ask, “What is everyone else doing?” It’s important to me that I am the one guiding their decisions and correcting their weaknesses so that good character is their default when they become teens and exercise more freedom away from home.

“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Proverbs 13:20 (See also Proverbs 10:17, 22:6, 13:14; Hebrews 12:11)

8. Nurtured Relationships-

Homeschooling allows moms more time to nurture relationships with their children. As the mom, teacher, nurse, playmate, coach, chef and Bible study leader, we have continuous opportunities to encourage, love, discipline and enjoy our children in a way that ties our heart strings together. Our day allows us more time to laugh and make memories together.

They will disobey, argue and make dumb choices, too. They’re kids. But at the end of the day, they’re looking to us to set the standard and to show them respect and unconditional love. And when we do, we become their safe place and those heart strings will draw them back to us for hugs, forgiveness and guidance even throughout adulthood.

9. Enjoy Teaching-

I truly enjoy teaching and learning alongside my children. I realize not every mom loves teaching and learning because we are all made different and enjoy different things. But I am passionate about teaching so much that even when I’m not working on a lesson with my child, I’m still looking for what can be taught and learned in our everyday circumstances. That’s just how I’m wired. So, I figure if I love teaching so much, and I love being with my kids, why not just teach them myself. Right?

10. Safety-

Last, but of course not least, I want my children to be safe. According to BBC, as of December 2018, there were 113 deaths due to school shootings in that year. Twenty-three incidents were recorded to have deaths or injuries and with the average school year lasting 180 days, that’s one shooting every eight school days. One headline written by a reporter at Global News reads, “Twice as many Americans have died in school shootings than at war in 2018, data shows.” Research done by Syracuse University states that nearly three million crimes occur on or around school grounds each year. That’s one crime every six seconds when schools are in session. I want a better environment for my children, and they have one at home.


Let me know if this post was helpful. Please share it with someone that might be considering homeschooling or maybe you are homeschooling and have friends and family that are not supportive.  This post may give them some insight as to why homeschooling is the fasted growing method of education in the U.S.


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