A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

by Laura Malone In my early years of homeschooling, I splurged and bought myself a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It was a quarterly publication and I would eagerly count down the weeks until the new one would arrive in the mail. I wildly devoured it from cover to cover. Not having close friends... Continue Reading →

Creating Homeschool Habits that Stick

August 24, 2020 // by Laura Malone So the school year is in full swing, you planned and prepared in every possible way, but you’re finding it’s painfully difficult to transform all your new wonderful ideas into habits that stick. Take a deep breath, my friend. Your plan can be successful. The magic is not... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Parenting the Perfectionist

March 4, 2020 // by Laura Malone Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.Salvador Dali As I’m writing this, I’m camped out in my church coffee bar alone, my half- eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sparkling water at my side and the faint sound of our high school choir’s voices... Continue Reading →

Building a Superhero Immune System

How to Prevent Disease & Illness in Your Family February 17, 2020 // by Laura Malone "Why is my child fighting his fifth cold this school year? Why do my colds always turn into infections? Is it possible to grow old without growing sick? Are monthly doctor appointments inevitable as I age? Am I doomed... Continue Reading →

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