Welcome to House on a Hill!


My name is Laura Malone and I want to welcome you to my House on a Hill.

After graduating from college, if someone asked me where I saw myself in twenty years, it always involved me being a high-ranked executive, making big money and travelling the world. Today, 21 years later, I find myself living a very ordinary life in a random suburb, in a house we’ve outgrown, driving a van that doesn’t even have automatic doors or offer the ability to sync with our iPhones and OH MY! I’ve got kids everywhere! All. The. Time.

But you know what? I am satisfied.

I don’t mean satisfied as in “I’m just ok” or “I’m surviving”. I mean satisfied to my core. Like the satisfying warmth that penetrates your hands as you wrap them around a cup of hot tea on an early January morning. Or the heat that blankets your insides while drinking it down.

I’m so satisfied.

Life experiences, time and the Holy Spirit has brought me here. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m so thankful that He knows me better than I know myself.

I’m the mom of five children ages 4-14. After college, I worked several years in the advertising and marketing industries until I discovered my love for teaching. I became a certified special education teacher and later taught regular education for elementary and middle school. My husband is a teacher and coach. After we had our first child, I quit teaching in the public school and began teaching at home. I do the bulk of the homeschooling but my husband has great creative ideas and resources. He’s enjoys overseeing their sports and keeps them physically active.

I’ve been homeschooling for ten years now and only have about thirteen more to go (Yikes!). I love learning and teaching and that’s how this all got started.

My prayer is that my House on a Hill will be a light to all that stop by.


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